> A true story: Somalia94 - The Ilaria Alpi affair
«Because attached to every puppet there's always a puppeteer»

Ilaria Alpi finds a ship that runs between Somalia and Italy with not well identified loads. Back in Rome she asked to travel to Somalia. Obtained office, albeit with extremely low badget with her cameraman Miran Hrovatin arrive in Africa. Quickly they reconstruct the facts: on those ships are toxic and radioactive waste disposal, a traffic that is intertwined with weapons sold by the West to the Somalis for their war. The story starts from the interview to an Italian diplomat, then moving to Bosaso: it is therefore the time to tell the names of who is involved in these "operations". To achieve their scoop Ilaria and Miran return to Mogadishu, but at their arrival they find a a commando ready to eliminate them.

 12/9/1992  Somali clans declaring war.

 12/20/1992  Ilaria Alpi flys for 1st time in Somalia.

 1/15/1993  Attempts to peace by un fail.

 5/3/1993  The command of the operation goes to the United Nations.

 7/20/1993  Disagreements between the Italian and US governments that causes the withdrawal of Italian troops from Somalia.

 9/28/1993  Somali rise up against the American troops.

 11/12/1993  Murder of the sismi's officer (the former Italian secret services) Vincent Li Cause in Mogadishu the day before his return to Italy in which he was to confer with the judiciary regarding the trafficking of nuclear waste in Somalia.

 11/16/1993  un withdrawal from operations.

 Spring 1994  The American troops leave Somalia.

 3/12/1994  Ilaria e Miran arrive for the last time in Mogadishu.

 3/15/1994  The ship Faarax Omar for humanitarian aid are seized by Somali rebels.

 3/20/1994  A Somali commandos in Mogadishu kills the TG3's reporters Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin. Much of the material collected by the two journalists (photographs, notes, notebooks, videotapes) will not be recovered.


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