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Carlo Taormina

Character really existing, president of the 2006 constituted commission of inquiry to investigate the facts of the case Ilaria Alpi.

Sultan Bogor
Real character, in 1994 he held the position of Sultan of Bosaso in Somalia. The interview resumed work of Ilaria and Miran went around the world.


Coordinator of the RAI3's tvnews editors network where Ilaria Alpi worked.


Character really existing, he supported the organization of the Summit of the Earth's Humanitarian Aid held in Rio De Janeiro in 1992.

The informer

One of the sources "infiltrated" by Ilaria Alpi. Probably someone who acts as a link between the world of politics and the media.

The director

Fictional character, director of some international NGO, coordinator between the various first world countries that belong to it.

The dealer

Dealer weapons, boss of organized crime in Somalia.

Giancarlo Marocchino

Character really existing, Italian entrepreneur in Somalia, Somali contact and driving time for Italy.

Flavio Fusi

Character really existing, Ilaria and Miran's TG3 colleague, he gave the first announcement of the murder of the two journalists.

Giorgio & Luciana

Ilaria Alpi's parents.

Gen. Aidid's grandchildren

Characters really existing, they currently live in Italy.

Bobo the dog


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