> The film

> Introduction
The longest one-man animated short film in the history of cel-animation, based on the real story of Ilaria Alpi, an Italian journalist who was killed in Somalia on 1994 together with her camera operator Miran Hrovatin. The story follows the last weeks of their life, starting with the interview to an Italian diplomat, then following the two in the northern Somalia, where they go deep into their investigation discovering the names of people involved into a case of weapon and toxic waste traffic between Western and developing countries, in which the institutions were involved together with criminality.

> Aim
urpose of this production is to remember this important story to whom do not remember or do not know it at all, accompanying them to reflect on the courage of the two journalists, traffic of waste in Third World countries, the economic interests linked to the many and endless wars in the world. The case is still ongoing in Italy and younger generation must be made aware of it.

> Mission
Hopefully this film will be the first step to inauguare a new type of Italian animation, more committed, not mere entertainment, to
tell to young people in Italy and abroad these important episodes of our country that otherwise one day soon risk being forgotten.

Somalia94 - The Ilaria Alpi affair
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