> Important notice!

The realization of this work was possible by the unselfish help of people who advocated the importance to remember to the next generations important stories like this one.

Not funds from any Italian state institutions or public television have been used, who always refused to support in whatever way this project, in some cases discouraging it.

Authorities to whom we have appealed:
> Region Veneto - Cultural and Entertainment Activity
> Region Veneto - Directorate for Economic Promotion and internalization
> Region Veneto - Office cinema and film commission
> Lux Vide spa
> Antoniano Frati Minori
> Invitalia
> H-Farm spa
> Ministry for economic development
> Ministry for Cultural Activities - Cinema Department
> Ministry of Education
> Rai Fiction
> Rai Cinema
> Rai Cultura

Despite the budget required was nominal, none of the above was available to support the implementation of this project.

Rai spa (Italian television broadcasting) always refused to broadcast this movie to all its public channels.


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